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Information About Antique Furniture Refinishing

Whether you're an antique furniture collector or someone with a few pieces you inherited, you'll want to know how to keep them looking their best. When you're dealing with antiques, time and wear have already affected them. That means the chance of keeping them in pristine condition is likely long gone. Instead, you'll want to learn about antique furniture refinishing. This article will provide information on furniture refinishing as it applies to antiques and help you see how it can benefit you. 

The Antique Furniture Refinishing Process

While each furniture refinisher may have their own techniques and use different products, this article explains the general process. 

The first thing that's done is to check the natural patina. The patina is the sheen that happens with oxidation over a long period. It often adds beauty and helps show the age of furniture and other antiques. The furniture should get refinished without destroying the patina, especially on expensive furniture. Removing the patina could significantly reduce the value of the piece. 

It will be determined whether washing or stripping the finish will be best. Washing can include using a toothbrush and getting the years of crud out of the cracks and crevices. After washing, it can be better determined how to proceed with the refinishing. A rejuvenating coat of varnish may be all that's needed. Sometimes, a stripper will get used to remove old paint and varnish. After the piece is stripped, it'll get washed off. It may then be soft-scrubbed with a special brush. It'll be set somewhere safe and allowed to dry. 

The furniture may get carefully sanded to remove light scratches. Then, the piece may get stained with a stain that'll provide the desired final product. The piece usually gets finished by adding several coatings of polyurethane.

Some Benefits of Antique Furniture Refinishing

You can truly appreciate the piece - A benefit of having antique furniture refinished is that it will give you a gorgeous piece. The furniture you once tried to keep out of sight could become one of your most cherished pieces. 

You can continue using a family piece - Refinishing furniture allows you to continue using something passed down from one generation to the next. 

You'll have high-quality furniture - Modern furniture isn't usually made with the same quality materials and craftsmanship it once was. Therefore, refinishing antique pieces will give you great-looking furniture made with the higher standards of the past.