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Comfortable Seating Options To Have In Your Hotel Lobby

When you're buying new furniture for your hotel, it's easy to initially focus on the pieces of furniture that you want your guest rooms to have. These rooms are where your guests will spend the majority of their time when they stay with you, so the right furniture will be essential. You shouldn't overlook shopping for furniture to use in other areas of your hotel, too. A well-appointed lobby should have numerous seating options, including several that are highly comfortable. Guests will frequently use this space, so ensuring that they have a stylish and comfortable place to sit will be important. Here are three lobby seating options you can find at a hotel furniture supplier.


Depending on the layout of your hotel lobby, you may wish to consider installing one or more banquettes along one of the walls. While this piece of furniture can be handy in the breakfast area, it's also useful to have in the lobby — particularly if you have some small tables in this area, too. Guests who want to grab a morning coffee and muffin while they read the newspaper might enjoy sitting at a banquette. On mornings when the hotel's breakfast area is crowded, you might find some guests who enjoy taking their food out to the lobby to sit at the banquette.

Arm Chairs

A selection of arm chairs in the lobby of your hotel will provide style and comfort. These chairs can be handy in all sorts of scenarios. If there are a few people in line to check in, a guest who isn't in a rush may decide to sit in one of the arm chairs until the line dissipates. Another guest who is waiting to meet with friends at the hotel will often want a comfortable place to sit while they wait in the lobby.


While you might have sofas in some of the largest guest rooms at your hotel, placing a few sofas in the lobby can also be a good idea. Not only are they comfortable, but they also provide a cozy, home-like feel for your guests. This type of furniture will be popular with families. For example, a parent and their children will often sit on the couch together, rather than in individual chairs. To see examples of each of these types of furniture, browse the inventory at a hotel furniture supplier in your area.

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