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Three Things To Assess When You Buy A Bookcase Bed

If you've seen a selection of bookcase beds for sale online or at a furniture store in your area, you may feel that this unique type of bed will be the right choice for you. Its ability to hold a number of books on a shelf that is built into the headboard can not only augment the look of your bedroom, but it can also ensure that a new book is never out of reach when you want to read. There are bookcase beds in many styles, so it's worthwhile to take some time to assess the design of a few of these pieces of furniture. Here are three specific things to assess.

Amount Of Shelf Space

One of the most important things to assess when you're looking at a few bookcase beds is how much shelf space each bed offers. You'll see a lot of bookcase beds that have one shelf along the length of the headboard, but others have two shelves. The latter design, of course, offers twice as much storage space for books. Think about how many books you intend to store in this space. If you have a large book collection and want your bed to offer as much storage space as possible, a model that has two shelves may be your best bet.

Shelf Design

When you look at a few of these beds, you may notice that the amount of vertical space above the shelf can vary. On some beds, you'll see several open inches above the shelf, while others have more of an open design that provides more vertical space. This detail is important to think about based on what types of books you plan to store. If you primarily read small paperback novels, most of these books aren't very tall. This will allow you to easily store them on a shelf with minimal space above it. However, if you envision storing larger books in this space, you'll want the right shelf design.

Shelf Height Above Mattress

The shelf that is built into the headboard of a bookcase bed can be low on the headboard or high on the headboard. Some people prefer the latter style, as they'll be able to sit up and lean against the headboard without their back or head pushing against the books on the shelf. If you often read in a sitting-up position, you may favor a bed that has a higher shelf. Learn more about bookcase beds at a local bedroom furniture store.