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Signs You Need A New Mattress Right Now

If you need a new mattress right now, your body is going to let you know. The right mattress for your needs is right at your local furniture store and can give you many years of comfortable and healthy sleeping if only you can recognize the signs it's time to make the upgrade. 

Here are signs you need a new mattress. Explore different mattress styles and other features at your local mattress store.

Your mattress bows or dips

If your current mattress bows or dips in any area, then it's time to do an upgrade. The change in the positioning of your mattress can make your body change shape when you sleep, causing your back and other areas of your body to bow as well. If you can't tell if your mattress dips or not, try this trick: take the sleeping pad or sheet off your mattress and see where the mattress changes shape. If it lies flat or indents just a little, then you're fine. If the mattress noticeably bows out or looks like it has a dip in it (like bubbling or indented dough), then it's time to replace it.

Your mattress is covered in stains/smells

If your mattress is stinky or covered in stains, then you can try steam cleaning the mattress before replacing it. Odds are you'll get some results, but it may be in your best interest just to replace the unit anyway. Your mattress dealer can help you find a new mattress that is better suited to your needs and fits within your budget. Choose a hypoallergenic type of mattress that has a zip-top cover that you can throw in the wash whenever you want.

Your mattress is too hard or soft

Maybe your mattress met your needs a year ago but doesn't today. If your current mattress is too hard or soft for your needs, then it's time to replace it with one that works out better for you. You can get a mattress that is a hybrid of a gel top and a traditional mattress, or you can get an entirely different type of mattress than you're used to in order to give you the comfort and support you need.

Your chiropractor or doctor can help you decide what your mattress needs are, then you can go to your mattress dealer to get the help you need to buy a new mattress. You can even have a mattress delivered to your home after you buy one for an added fee.

Contact a local mattress store to learn more.