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Refurbish Your Dining Room With A Focus On Family

Breathe new life into your dining room with some family-focused refurbishments. From sitting down for a family dinner to gathering to play a board game, the dining room is the perfect hub for the home. With a few modifications, your dining room could be a warm, welcoming spot to congregate, while also being a fully functional space that emphasizes family. 

Refurbish and refresh your dining room with a family focus using these tips.

Set a Big Table

The focal point of your family's dining room must be a big table. Whether you choose round or rectangular is up to you, but make sure that you buy one that will accommodate the crowd. To preserve space and create a family feel, choose an Amish dining room set, with simple wood chairs that fit easily around the table. Also, float the table in the middle of the room, away from walls, for best access but make sure that you leave a wide berth.  

The Flooring Matters

Don't forget about what is underfoot: how is your flooring? When it comes to making the space family-friendly, you want your floors to be comfortable, warm, and inviting- especially if you have kids or pets that will be rolling around on them. Since carpets and rugs don't make much sense in a dining room, choose flooring options like wood, tile, or even nice laminate to give it a fresh look. These clean well, and you can use area rugs or runners to soften-up high traffic areas.  

Make it Fun

Lighten the mood of the dining room with unexpected artwork from your kids, pets, or others. Frame and hang these creations with task lamps to draw attention. Consider a fun wall of candid family photos or a blackboard-painted accent wall for an unconventional and personal touch in your dining room. 

Show-off What You Love

If you have a hutch or cupboard in the dining room, fill it with your most used and beloved pieces. Many people stuff these cabinets with fancy dishes and heirlooms that rarely get used and that collect a lot of dust. Fill with the fun and family-friendly dishes and keepsakes that you will use and enjoy often — and that you will delight in looking at!

Use these tips for a family-friendly makeover of your dining room. In many homes, the dining room is often underutilized, sometimes becoming a catchall for overflow from other rooms. Keep your dining room warm, welcoming, and fully functional, while creating a great place for family-focused activities. 

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