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4 Different Zones Your Executive Office Should Have

Your executive office must fulfill a number of competing roles. It's the center of management and authority, but it also must receive visitors and provide practical workspaces for you and your team. How can any business owner or manager achieve all these goals? One method is to include four distinct zones within their interior design plan. Here's what you should know about each of them.

1. A Place to Be Authoritative

Certainly, the main executive desk is the centerpiece of any management office. It needs to demonstrate that the company is in good hands and that you are in control of what's going on. Give the main desk a central position with plenty of space on all sides. Keep it professional and tidy but also make sure you can access the information and tools you need to make decisions. 

2. A Place to Be Egalitarian

If the office holds nothing but a huge throne-like desk, employees and visitors will not feel very comfortable or respected. So, no matter how much or how little space you have, try to include a more casual small meeting space. Set it up so that you can meet with one or a few people on an equal level and more informally. 

3. A Place to Relax

Being in charge of a business is hard work, so make sure you can relax within your own office. A relaxation zone could be as simple as a comfortable chair where you read over reports or trade publications. It may include a dog bed for when your four-legged friend comes in to help. Perhaps you want a coffee station or even a small bar. Choose a comfortable nook, maybe near a window or in a cozy corner, and personalize it. 

4. A Place to Be Efficient

Finally, what tools and equipment do you need to really get into the nitty gritty of your role? Do you need multiple monitors, specialized technical devices, a videoconference setup, a fax machine, a copier, a scanner, or other tools? Create a workstation where you can place all these practical elements without overrunning your desk. How the work zone looks will depend on what you need to keep things running well. 

Where to Start

Ready to start planning the zones within your executive office (or offices)? Begin by meeting with an experienced business interior designer near you today. With their expertise and your vision, you'll soon have an office that projects the image you want but also provides the work area you need. 

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