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Why Your Desk Should Have a CPU Shelf

When you shop for a computer desk that you'll use in your home office, there are lots of different options to browse at your local furniture retailer. While you'll want something in a favorable size and with a design that suits the room, you should also think about the individual features of each computer desk you see. Some computer desks have a built-in shelf that is designed to hold the CPU. Typically, this shelf is below the desk, often just a few inches above the floor. Here are some reasons to choose a desk that has a built-in CPU shelf.

Frees Up Desk Space

While a lot of people place their computer's CPU on the top of the desk, doing so will cut down on the desk's available space. Many CPUs are on the larger side, and can especially seem large if you're buying a small desk. If you want the top of the desk to feel uncluttered or you have several things that you want to place on this surface, it's ideal if you can set up your CPU elsewhere. Having a built-in CPU shelf will allow you to hold this part of your computer without cluttering your desk.

Keeps It Off The Floor

If you don't like the idea of having your CPU on the surface of your desk, you might be thinking about placing it on the floor. There are some issues with this idea, however. The floor is often dusty, which means that your CPU would be exposed to dust that could harm it. Additionally, when you're vacuuming your home office and want to do a thorough job, you'd need to lift the CPU each time to vacuum beneath it. A desk that has a CPU shelf will keep this unit out of the way without having it sit on the floor.

Offers More Quiet

It's common for your CPU to produce various noises while it runs. These noises can especially be apparent in older units. Humming, clicking, and other noises can be disruptive when you have the CPU on the desk beside you, just a few inches away. You may find that you're constantly aware of these sounds, which can be problematic when you're trying to concentrate. Placing the CPU beneath the desk on a dedicated shelf will mute these noises to a degree, allowing you to work in a quieter environment. Look for a computer desk with a built-in CPU shelf at a local furniture store.