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Avoiding Potentially Damaging Mistakes With Your Wood Furniture

For individuals that are looking to buy furniture, it is important to choose options that will be attractive, durable, and comfortable. However, individuals can find that their wooden furniture may deteriorate if they are making some routine mistakes when caring for these pieces of furniture.

Not Dusting The Wood Furniture On A Regular Basis 

Dusting wood furniture is one of the most basic tasks that you can do to care for it. However, it can be easy to overlook this step. While it may not seem like this is an important task, it will actually benefit your wood furniture in a variety of ways.

For example, the dust can actually be abrasive enough to leave scratches and gashes on the wood. Furthermore, the dust may have a tendency to actually pull moisture and oils out of the wood. This could lead to it becoming more brittle.

Dusting the wood furniture on a regular basis can avoid these problems while also allowing the furniture to look its best.

Failing To Use Wood Oil On The Furniture

One of the simplest steps that you can take that will potentially greatly extend the life of the wood furniture can be applying wood oil to it on a periodic basis. This oil will replenish the moisture and oils that the wood will lose over time. As a result of using these oils, the color of the wood can be preserved, and it may also retain much of its flexibility. These factors can significantly extend the life of wood furniture so that you can enjoy using it for years.

Luckily, the application of these oils is a simple process because you will simply need to wipe down the furniture with a cloth that has a small amount of oil on it. For the best results, the wood should be cleaned first to remove dirt, but this should only add a few minutes to the entire process.

Exposing Wood Furniture To Moist Conditions

Exposure to moist conditions can be one of the quickest ways to cause substantial damage to the wood. In fact, these moist conditions could even cause the wood to start rotting. Individuals can make the mistake of assuming that this is only an issue if they are using the furniture in an outdoor setting. However, there can be areas inside a home that will be prone to moist conditions. An example of this could be the basement or the bathroom, and it can be advisable to avoid storing or placing wood furniture in these areas.

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