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Three Benefits Of Backless Stools

Stools can be a useful type of furniture to add to your home, providing casual seating in many different rooms. Lots of furniture stores carry large selections of stools, making it fun to evaluate the various products to find something that appeals to you. When you shop for stools, you'll need to decide whether you want them to have backs or to have a backless design. While a lot of people favor stools with backs because of the back support they provide, you shouldn't overlook the numerous benefits of backless stools. Here are three benefits of this design that you'll appreciate.

Easier To Fit Under Your Counters

A lot of people use stools where there's a counter overhang in the home, whether it's the kitchen or perhaps even in a recreational area such as a basement bar. Backless stools can be a desirable option because they'll fit with ease under the counter when you're not using them. Conversely, stools that have back support can sometimes be too tall to fit under the counter. You want to be able to tuck the stools out of the way when no one is sitting on them, and the backless design is the best way to ensure that this is possible.

Looks More Orderly

You may also find that backless stools have more of an orderly appearance when they're sitting in a row. Without back support, the stool tops will all appear to face the same direction when they're not in use. This isn't always the case with stools that have backs. Depending on how people leave them, these stools can look haphazard. For example, the back support of one stool can be at one angle, while the back support of an adjacent stool can be at another angle. If you're the type of person who likes your furniture to look orderly, you may find that you're constantly straightening stools that have backs. You won't have to do this with backless stools.

Better For People Of All Sizes

Stools that have backs can be comfortable for some people, but not everyone may find this design to be suitable. If you have a family member who has a larger body, they may find that a stool's back support digs into them uncomfortably. Because there's nothing that juts upward on a backless stool, people who are larger may find that their body suits this type of stool better. Check out a local furniture store's selection of backless stools for sale.